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Exit Poll: 4th Annual Misprint Magazine Beard and Moustache Competition

Rare presents EXIT POLLS, your chance to let our street team know what you think about the best local events, outings, venues, and shows.

After meeting Jack Passion, World Beard Champion, at SXSW two years ago I thought I’d seen the craziest facial hair ever–until I stepped into The Mohawk Friday night for Austin’s very own Beard and Moustache Competition. Although Jack Passion may have the longest beard I’ve seen, Austin brought together the weird, wacky, and hairy for one night of beard and moustache debauchery unlike any other. KLBJ radio personality Matt Bearden added to the entertainment as the host for the night and did a fantastic job keeping the audience amused.

Jon, President of the Houston Facial Hair Club “How do I keep my hearts intact you ask? With hair glue of course.”

Devin Holcombe, 27: “I am about to compete, and I am drunk enough that I am not nervous. Ready to represent!”

Andy Beard, 26 (yes thats his real name): “It was my destiny: the beard was born, then I grew into it. I think I kicked ass up there, I danced and people cheered, so that’s good right?”

Shannon; Ella: “We have been before and this event gets bigger and better every year!”

Sonja: “I entered too late, but I am having a great time and got to go to the awards.”

By Sarah Malik

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  1. caitlin says:

    had an awesome time at this event!

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