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J. Black’s: A Texas-Sized Expansion

As its name implies, J. Black’s Feel Good Lounge just feels right. This Austin original is led by Brian Franzman, Sean Fric, and Judson Sutherland. It’s an upscale lounge on ...

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By Nicole Carbon Photos By Trevor Ray Thompson Issue Neighborhood Downtown

Haddington’s Grown Up Pub Grub

A plywood skeleton sits on a fenced-in corner of West Sixth Street and Nueces, offering passersby few hints about the much-anticipated pub that will inhabit the lot. But what may ...

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By Andrea Bearce Photos By Sam Marx Issue Sept 2010 Neighborhood Downtown

PGi Studios: Keeping Corporate Cool

Austin is home to more than a few film studios, from big players like Troublemaker and Spiderwood to the backyards and bedroom editing suites favored by lower-budget auteurs. Only one, ...

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By Samantha Pitchel Photos By Issue Jul/Aug 2010 Neighborhood Downtown

Lights. Camera. Help.

With Austin, TX being one of the most film and music friendly cities, it takes true talent and unique thinking to stand out of the crowd. David Neff has taken ...

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By Jamie Talley Photos By Issue Jul/Aug 2010 Neighborhood Downtown

Fantastic Fest

Walk-in freezer parties. Endless karaoke. Boxing. Bill Murray. And nonstop screenings of innovative, often delightfully gory, groundbreaking films—sounds incredible, right? For the sixth year, Austin’s Fantastic Fest will be putting ...

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By Samantha Pitchel Photos By Issue Jul/Aug 2010 Neighborhood Downtown

All Her Lovely Scars: The Bars of Rainey Street

Hidden just below the intersection of Cesar Chavez and Red River lies Rainey Street, a mostly-residential area that’s also home to several of Austin’s most innovative—and visually striking—laid-back lounges. Lustre ...

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By Samantha Pitchel Photos By Trevor Ray Thompson Issue Apr / May 2010 Neighborhood Downtown

Jewelry Box: Using Space Artfully

Good things come in small packages, and this cozy cottage in Austin’s Bouldin neighborhood, full of charm with a close proximity to downtown, is just that. Now known as the ...

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By Elaina J Martin Photos By Issue Apr / May 2010 Neighborhood Downtown

Bavu Blakes: Conquering New Territory

There is no name more synonymous with Austin hip-hop than Bavu Blakes. Talk to just about any hip-hop artist in Central Texas and odds are they are aware of the ...

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By Ronnita L Miller Photos By Brian Mihealsick Issue Mar 2010 Neighborhood Downtown

Neon Indian: Cinematic Sounds

Alan Palomo has been lurking around the edges of the electronic scene for a few years, earning fans with his work in both VEGA and Ghosthustler. Around the country, people ...

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By Tom Vale Photos By Ben Ritter Issue Mar 2010 Neighborhood Downtown

A Labor of Love

Alisa Weldon and Lynn Yeldell are no ordinary business partners. They’ve added an extra ingredient to their recipe for success: love. In addition to being successful business collaborators, Weldon and ...

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By Stephanie Scott Photos By Mark Herron Issue Feb 2010 Neighborhood Downtown