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Jessie Cibik

On the Cover: Joseph Phillips

Joseph Phillips’ architecturally-driven art isolates chunks of life and highlights their most basic elements, exposing the naked truth beneath our developing world.
Phillips’ unzipped images of the Western world show layers ...

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By Jessie Cibik Photos By Mark Herron Issue Apr / May 2010 Neighborhood East Side

Danny Malone: Cuddlebug

In a small coffee shop, an audience of 14 watched Danny Malone share with them his dynamic creation. His show of expressive art grabbed each person in the room, stirring ...

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By Jessie Cibik Photos By Holly Bronko for Airplane Airplane Issue Mar 2010 Neighborhood Midtown

A House United

It is difficult to imagine a connection stronger than that between parent and child. It is a bond, beyond all else, deeply rooted in love. There are, however, different ways ...

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By Jessie Cibik Photos By Carlos Benavides Issue Feb 2010 Neighborhood West Side

The Bright Light Social Hour

Individuality is valued at the highest of Americana. But when diverse personalities successfully collaborate through a common love for the art of music, the product is simply transcendent. One local ...

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By Jessie Cibik Photos By Ed Verosky Issue Jan 2010 Neighborhood

Leigh Elena Navarro

A piece of art is more authentic and appealing when there’s an apparent connection between the artist and the work they create. This connection between art and artist is more ...

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By Jessie Cibik Photos By Annie Ray Issue Jan 2010 Neighborhood

Austin Children's Choir

In a small, stone chapel, adorned with candlelight and soft sounds of classical guitar and gentle song, an intimate holiday experience is brought to life. The modest ambience reveals the ...

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By Jessie Cibik Photos By Mark Herron Issue Dec 2009 Neighborhood West Side

Preserving the Classics

Antique cars, rockabilly music, pinup models, and burlesque dancers: although they are all independent of one another, each possesses a delightfully classic and defining quality that ties them together, and ...

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By Jessie Cibik Photos By Davis AyerFrederik Alme Issue Nov 2009 Neighborhood Downtown

Remaking the Classics

Between the trailers and the five stars, there’s a new middle ground of comfort food surfacing in Austin.  The classics have been updated, and several Austin restaurants are capitalizing on ...

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By Arden WardJessie Cibik Photos By Cory Ryan Issue Oct 2009 Neighborhood DowntownMidtown