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Fire In The Hole: A Perfect Science

Stuntman Wolf Reflects On Blowing Stuff Up
A dozen people clad in safety goggles scream and yell in delight and surprise as they witness a pyrotechnic effect going off yards in ...

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By Laura Romer Photos By Issue Jul/Aug 2010 Neighborhood South Side

A Rare Dating Guide

This month, celebrate everything you love—we’re giving you our ideas for V-Day treats, with gifts, events, music, and dates that prove there’s something for everyone in Austin!
For the Hipster
Put this ...

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By Samantha Pitchel Photos By Issue Feb 2010 Neighborhood

Austin Boxing Babes

It’s easy for a woman to become wrapped up in the newest exercise craze. Seriously, how did spinning become so popular? Strippercize? No, thanks. Imagine a lady’s surprise when she ...

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By Darcie Duttweiler Photos By Issue Jan 2010 Neighborhood South Side

Jamie Schanbaum

Editor’s note: We received this submission from Nick Schanbaum, brother to Jamie. Her story is an inspiring one, and the familial love exhibited is all too powerful not to share ...

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By Nicholas Schanbaum Photos By Issue Dec 2009 Neighborhood

ACL Survival Guide

The days are hot, the nights are long, and the crowd is thick.  Do your best to embark on 72 hours of musical mayhem prepared for any situation.  Follow our ...

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By Caitlin M Ryan Photos By Issue Oct 2009 Neighborhood